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Exclusivity and Expert Support for Your Financial Needs

Our Private Banker service offers exclusive support from expert banking professionals who are dedicated to meeting your financial needs with personalized attention and tailored solutions. Whether you're seeking wealth management advice, investment strategies, or specialized banking services, our team of experienced private bankers is here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. With a focus on exclusivity, confidentiality, and high-touch service, we aim to enhance your banking experience and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence and peace of mind. Experience the difference of having a dedicated private banker by your side, delivering unparalleled support and expertise to meet your unique financial needs.

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We listen to you and accompany you throughout the entire process of investment, contracting and monitoring your finances, offering you personalized investment solutions.

With a 24/7 telephone service line at 963 085 000, preferential attention in the offices and spaces to meet with your banker in complete privacy.

SabadellUrquijo clients have rated our bankers with an 8.9 out of 10 in the satisfaction index 1 . Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We are the entity with the largest number of private bankers finalists in the CityWire 2022 Private Banking Awards.

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Building Trust: The Foundation of Your Relationship with Your Private Banker

Your private banker will listen to you and ask the right questions to understand your needs. This allows it to anticipate and offer you different personalized investment solutions, as if they were tailor-made suits.


Expert Management of Your Assets by a Team of Specialists

You will always be supported by your private banker and a team of experts in tax, financial, hereditary and legal matters who will help you quickly and rigorously resolve your doubts and problems.


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