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Start building your savings today. Whether you're planning for the future, creating an emergency fund, or working towards a specific goal, taking the first step to save is crucial. Our savings accounts offer competitive interest rates and flexible options, helping you grow your money steadily. With easy access to online banking and mobile apps, managing and tracking your savings has never been more convenient. Start your savings journey with us and take control of your financial future.

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With all the advantages of an expert digital bank. And with a manager who will guide you to manage your expenses and income whenever you need it.

We’ll help you to achieve your short and/or long-term goals. With daily liquidity, so that you have your money whenever you need it.

Bring your account to Sabadelland activate your savings routines with us. Saving can be really simple!

Ahorro Sabadell

Ahorro Sabadell Achieve your financial planning goals without even realizing it1

Want to know the tricks to save money on a daily basis? Make your money grow with the routine that best suits you and your goals. It's that easy with Sabadelland all from your mobile.

Sabadell Savings Plan

Guaranteed profitability with the SabadellSavings Plan

Discover the life insurance2 that allows you to put money aside whenever you need it. Make regular or extraordinary payments for as little as €30, with 100% guaranteed profitability.

Account 5, ILTSA

The individual account designed to enable you to save in the long term

Get your new Individual Long-Term Savings Account (ILTSA), exempt from taxation on the income generated five years after the initial payment. You decide how much money to save and when to save it.



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