Strategically Invest Based on Your Time Horizon

Investing wisely requires understanding your investor profile and aligning your strategy accordingly. Factors like risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and financial situation determine suitable options. Conservative investors prefer low-risk options like bonds. Moderate investors choose a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. Aggressive investors opt for growth stocks or real estate. Matching your profile with suitable investments helps build a diversified portfolio aligned with your goals and risk tolerance, maximizing potential returns.

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Investment funds

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Invest from € 30 with full access to your money, always keeping in mind that withdrawal before the completion of the minimum recommended time horizon increases the risk of capital loss. Choose the one that best fits your objectives according to your investment strategy and, if you need it, get the help of our specialists.

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You can buy and sell through the app or the website at any time. And with access to our analysts’ opinions, so that you can make better investment decisions.

Structured deposits

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Take out your deposit from € 1,000 and recover all your capital at maturity together with a guaranteed minimum return on profitability. This profitability is directly linked to a stock market index which varies according to the deposit in the campaign.



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